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When we were children, we never went to any early learning centers and our parents didn’t have much knowledge of the importance of Early childhood Education. We all studied in a traditional environment and got adapted, the way the school system used to work.

As there was no involvement in technology then, life much relied on manual things, we had to go purchase, run our daily lives and on top of that adding school pressure where parents had to reply in school diaries, wait for updates from children, wait up for fees dates, visit schools for fee payments,, wait for teachers appointments and PTMS to raise concerns about their ward.

With world-changing technology, Illumine has made parent communication easier and build a bridge between parents and schools.

Features in Illumine:

  • Daily Updates: Parents can now view daily updates of their children, schedule, what children are learning in the school as well as daily progress.

  • Virtual Classes: Using illumine parents can stay connected with the school and join virtual classes and meetings at Illumine, no more downloading other application or software for the same.

  • Lesson Plan: Students / Parents can now receive Lesson plans/Home works/Activities in the application by teachers, parents can view lesson plan and help teachers to perform activities at home and if assignments are shared they can submit the given assignments by the teacher and help teachers and students in remote learning.

  • Calendar/ Holidays: Event notifications, pictures and list of holidays will be easily accessible to parents, now no more looking for diary notes and WhatsApp invite.

  • Connect: Do you have concerns as a parent regarding your child? Connect will help you mention and send concerns to the school/teacher, leave applications, medicine /food/ pick up drop related notes, or any appointments. Teachers/ School will get notified on the same and you can keep track of issues resolved by the school.

  • Profile: You can view your child’s profile add and edit any details, pay fees online, download invoices and receipts, view schedule of your child, view child’s attendance, bus tracking, CCTV live streaming where you can see your child Live in classroom, You can add documents instead of taking print out and submit in schools

  • Notification: You will receive real-time notification on the activities one by children, pending fees, and upcoming event, Virtual classes, Lesson plan shared and reminders can be added on all notifications

Can you do all this in Whatsapp , email, or diaries ??

Illumine helps not only schools but parents to communicate effectively and keep a track of their child and learning. It keeps the parents updated about their children and help them learn and grow remotely with schools.

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