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Illumine allows parents and administrators to track school buses directly with the app. It provides them access to contact details on the driver, ensuring the security and safety of the kids.

  • On the teacher app of Illumine, go to more, and then click on bus tracking

  • Click on new route

  • Give a route name, select the type of journey (pick-up or drop-off), enter the location, vehicle details, and number

  • Choose the driver and the helper if any

  • Next, select the students you want to assign to this route to

  • After selecting the students, add their addresses and drop-off times, and click on save

  • Once the bus is on the journey, parents can track the bus by going to the bus tracking option under profile.

How to add drivers on Illumine

  • On the web portal, go to management, and then go to staff

  • Click on the add teacher button

  • Enter a name, gender, address, phone number, and email id

  • Assign the role as a driver, choose classrooms, and click on submit

  • The driver will be successfully added

Step 8: Once all information is added the page is account is ready to use by the driver.

The driver can log in from a registered phone number or email id. The driver will only be able to view the route page allotted to him and no other information

Step 9: The driver can click on Drive and click on start trip

Step 10: He can now see the student list to be onboarded on that bus. He can either Select Picked up once the student onboards the bus or mark absent if the child has been absent at school. He can also use the filter and see the students who have been picked up or pending or absent by clicking on the arrow button down.

Step 11: Once the driver picks up all the children at his location he can stop the trip.

The driver can follow the same steps for dropping the students.

The same information can be viewed by the admin through their bus tracking feature as well.

Parents View

The parent will receive the notification once the child is onboarded. Parents can now track the bus on Live GPS tracking. Let us know parents can do that.

Step 1: Click on profile from the given options on the bottom of the screen

Step 2: The profile page will open up and click on the bus tracking option

Step 3: You can choose the route by clicking on select route options.

Step 4: You can now view the Live GPS, the profile of the driver and contact details, and arrival time as well

Step 5: If you wish to call you can press the call button next to the driver’s profile and you can now call the helper directly.

Illumine believes in making operations and communication easy for schools and parents. With bus tracking features Illumine makes sit easy for parents now to sit back without any worry and track their child sitting at home and one click away.

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