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The note feature lets parents share additional information about their child with the school. Once a note is seen by the school, they have an option to resolve it to let the parents know that the note was acknowledged.

  • Go to the connect tab on the parent app of Illumine, and click on notes

  • Next, click on the new note button on the top right

  • Select the type of request. It could be a note with instructions regarding food or medicines.

  • Next, add a description, select the frequency of dates you’d want to repeat the instructions for, add an attachment if needed, and then click on save note.

  • As soon as a note is created by parents, teachers/admins can view them by going to parent communication in the menu and then clicking on the notes option.

  • Once acknowledged, they can click on the resolve button to let parents know.

  • As soon as the note is resolved, parents get notified on the Illumine app.

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