Take remote learning to a new level at your school with Illumine’s virtual classes. Schedule meetings, create recurring classes and make sure parents are in line with the class schedule.

How to configure your zoom account

  • Go to virtual classes on the menu

  • You first need to configure your zoom account to Illumine. To do that, click on the video camera icon and then click on the ‘click here to configure your zoom account’ button. Sign in to your zoom account and click on authorize. Your account will be successfully configured.

How to create virtual classes

  • Go to virtual classes on the menu

  • Click on the schedule meeting button and select the students you want to create the class for. You can even filter students by classroom or group.

  • Next, add a note, select the meeting date, time, and duration. If you wish to create recurring classes, select the date range under the repeat class option. Then select the days you want to host this meeting.

  • You can even add a youtube link and attachment. Once done, click on submit. The class will be created and scheduled.

  • As soon as you create the meeting, parents get notified on the app and can join in for the class directly from there.

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