How to add new lessons & activities and share with Parents?
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Illumine lets you create and manage lessons for all the classrooms at your school. You can even enrich your lesson plans by adding media to them and share them with parents at a click of a button.

How to create lessons

  • Go to learning in the menu and then go to lessons

  • In order to create lessons, you first need to create categories. You can think of categories as subjects. Click on the create category option on the top right, add a category, and click on add category.

  • You can go to the manage category option to see the list of categories.

  • Next, click on create a lesson, add a lesson title, category, and description.

  • Add a milestone and label if you want and then select the classrooms you want to create this lesson for.

  • Then choose the duration of the lesson

  • Add an attachment and a youtube link if required.

  • Then click on save

  • Your lesson will successfully be created.

Now learning becomes easier and collaborative.
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