The weekly lesson plan feature lets you share plans for the whole week at once with parents. This way you don’t have to individually share lessons for each day and avoid mundanity in your everyday tasks. As soon as you add a lesson for a given date, they are immediately shared with parents, who can access them on the parent app of Illumine and stay up to date with what’s being taught at their kid’s school.

  • Go to learning in the menu and then click on the weekly lesson plan option.

  • Next, select the date range and classroom for which you want to share the lessons.

  • Click on the add lesson button next to the date you want to share the lessons for, select the lessons, and click on save.

  • As soon as you do that, lessons are automatically shared with parents. Parents are notified on the app and can access the lessons under the lessons tab in the weekly lesson plan section.

  • If you wish to unshare a lesson, simply click on the unshare button next to the add lesson button, and the lesson will be unshared.

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