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How to setup Zoom account with Illumine for Virtual Classes
How to setup Zoom account with Illumine for Virtual Classes
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The Illumine Connect add-on allows you to seamlessly schedule and join meetings directly from Illumine Web and mobile app. Using the Illumine Connect add-on allows you to quickly add a Zoom meeting to any activity and event. The meeting details are then added to the activity, making it easy for all parents & students to join.

Take remote learning to a new level at your school with Illumine’s virtual classes. Schedule meetings, create recurring classes and make sure parents are in line with the class schedule.

If you are wanting to schedule a meeting with Zoom please use the Illumine Connect add-on. You don’t need to worry about creating meeting invite and sharing them with the parents. Illumine will automatically invite parents on Illumine after that.

This article covers:

  • Installation and configuration

  • Using Zoom for Virtual Classes

  • Using Zoom on Mobile for Virtual Classes

  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Free or paid Zoom Account

  • An Illumine Teacher/Admin Account

Installation and Configuration

Installing for a single user

If you have Illumine teacher account, you can easily install Illumine Connect on your Illumine Account. After installing the add-on, it will be available for use on Illumine Webapp or on the Illumine mobile app (Android or iOS). To install, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Illumine account, navigate to the Today’s Activities page under My School, and search for Configure Zoom Account option.

  2. Click on the Configure Zoom Account.

  1. Click Configure Zoom Account.

  2. Continue to Logging in to Illumine Connect

You will receive a success notification once it is done.

Schedule a Virtual Class from Illumine

Once the Illumine Connect Add-on is installed, adding a Virtual class is the same as posting an activity.

Steps to schedule a Virtual class:

  1. Go to Today’s Activities and click on Create Activity.

  2. Select the Virtual Class activity from the list.

  3. Add the meeting details like Topic, meeting Time and select the students whom you want to invite for the meeting.

  4. Add a Banner Image for Meeting(optional)

  5. Click submit and it will create a meeting and send the invite to the parents.

Start a Virtual Class from Illumine

Once the meeting is created in Illumine. You can start the meeting before /after 1 hour of the scheduled time. To start the meeting follow these steps:

  • Go to Today’s Activities.

  • Go to the scheduled Virtual class and click on the Start meeting button.

It will take you to the Zoom meeting and start the meeting.

Uninstalling the Illumine Connect

  • Go to your Illumine account at

  • Go to Today’s Activities and click on Configure Zoom Account.

  • Click on Disconnect Zoom account.

  • It will take you to the Zoom Marketplace. Here you to go to the Manage tab.

  • Select Uninstall option, select the correct reason and add details of it and submit. It will disconnect your Zoom account and remove any information stored related to Zoom account in Illumine.

It will disconnect the linked Zoom account in Illumine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an add-on?

Illumine connect is an Addon for connecting your Zoom account. Illumine Connect will link your Zoom account in Illumine to host virtual classes and meetings in Illumine.

Q. How do I edit my meeting settings for a meeting scheduled using the Zoom for Illumine Connect add-on?

A. The Illumine Connect add-on will use the meeting settings from the account. You can not change the meeting setting form Illumine. You can join the meeting and go to meeting settings to change it.

Q. I need to schedule a recurring meeting, will this work with the Illumine Connet add-on?

A. No, recurring meetings is not yet supported on Illumine.

Q. Do parents need Zoom account to connect in the meeting?

No, parents do not require Zoom account to join the meeting. They need to simply log in to Illumine with their register phone number and connect on the call.

For additional help or technical support write us at

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