Your experience is improving as we work to release new features, enhance existing ones, and squash bugs - cause we’re good buggers who hate bugs (and clearly need to work on our one liners).

Here’s an account of the improvements you’ll find in the latest release, December 2022.

1. Leads → Dashboard (NEW)

As part of the latest update, we have introduced a new sub-section called ‘Dashboard’ under the ‘Leads’ module. Admins now get a quick view of overall leads & actions up front -- be it by source, total leads and conversions, upcoming admissions, leads due for follow ups, etc.

Let’s dive right in!

  • From the left panel, select Leads → Dashboard, and you now have an upfront view of leads, conversions, follow up overdue and tasks overdue. There are different charts representing aspects of the overall pipeline of leads, for which individual date ranges can be set.

Note - Data against the same charts are also available for download (simply click the download button on the top-right of the chart).

2. Leads → Tasks (UPGRADE)

Growth in admissions is not just about getting more enquiries. It is rather also about nurturing existing enquiries in a way that more of them convert into enrollments. And that starts with timely follow ups with the right communication.

  • We have done some much needed upgrades in the UI of the ‘Tasks’ sub-section of the ‘Leads’ module, adding a column for ‘Next Follow Up’ that informs the user upfront about when the next communication touch point should be.

  • Further, when you get into the profile of individual leads, you will now see a right-panel display that has contact details of the particular lead profile upfront.

3. Other Enhancements

  1. Lead Forms now permits reordering of form-fields.

  2. Staff details now have additional fields of ‘joining date’ and ‘employee code’.

  3. ‘Activity’ for individual students can be added from their student profile.

1. Leads → Forms → Create Form (or edit existing one)

While creating the form, all fields added can now be rearranged by simply clicking on the three-stacked horizontal lines (displayed as ) and dragged up or down.

2. Management → Staff → Add new staff or edit existing staff details.

When you click on the edit option for any of the existing staff, you will see two new fields of ‘Joining Date’ and ‘Employee Code’.

When a new staff member is added, initially the ‘Employee Code’ field will not be seen. Simply save the details of the new staff member, and then revisit their profile through the edit option, and you will be able to see & update the ‘Employee Code’ as well.

Note - ‘Employee Code’ can be assigned as per your preference, though initially the platform will assign its own employee code (to the effect of ‘EMP-7, EMP-8, etc).

3. Management → Students → Click & enter particular student’s profile

Under the student profile, click on the ‘Action’ button on the right side of the profile, and then click ‘Post Activity’, and now you can post any missed activity that the student was involved in, but was not updated earlier by the teacher.

And that’s it for this release.

Questions? Feedback?

Yes, we love those. Ping us here, or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Bug Fixes

  • Some minor technical issues were fixed in the backend. Nothing noteworthy from a user standpoint in this release.

Illumine Version

Version 2.33.4

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