Parents’ Guide to the illumine app

A quick outlook on the important features of the illumine parents' app

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Illumine is an easy to use childcare software, designed to help preschools and child care centres run their centre’s operations smoothly. Your child’s preschool or childcare centre uses Illumine, and we have a dedicated illumine parents’ app for you that will keep you informed on everything related to your child.

We’re excited to welcome you to Illumine!


  • Links to download Illumine Parents App

    • For Android Phones & Tablets

    • For Apple Devices

    • For Web/Laptop

  • How to login on Illumine

    • Login with Email & Password

    • Alternatively, Login with Phone number and one time password

    • Login with Magic Email Link

  • Navigation Tray Features - Lessons, Calendar, Connect, Profile

    1. Lessons

    2. Calendar

    3. Connect (IMPORTANT)

      • 3.1 Message Teachers

      • 3.2 Notes

      • 3.3 Leaves

      • 3.4 Concerns

      • 3.5 Forms & Applications

    4. Profile

      • 4.1 Parent & (authorized) Pickup Details

      • 4.2 Schedule (for activities and meals)

      • 4.3 Attendance

      • 4.4 Fee Payments

      • 4.5 CCTV Live Streaming

      • 4.6 Child’s Documents

      • 4.7 Support

  • Having Trouble? Get in touch with us.

  • About Illumine

Links to download Illumine Parents App

For Android Phones & Tablets

Go to Play Store and search Illumine or open this URL on mobile:

For Apple Devices

For Web/Laptop

Go to this URL and bookmark it for future reference.

How to login on Illumine

All registered parents can log in on Illumine using their registered phone number.

1. Login with Email & Password

Step1: Select Login to Illumine

Step2: Select Login with Email

Step3: Enter the registered email address

Step4: Enter the password received in the invitation email. If you are not able to find the invitation email, you can also use the reset password option to receive a new password to login.

2. Alternatively, Login with Phone number and one time password

Step 1: Select Login to Illumine

Step 2: Select Login with Phone number

Step 3: Select the correct country and enter the phone number registered with the school without ‘0’ or country code prefix. You would receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the provided number.

Step 4: Enter the OTP you have received and it will log you in.


3. Login with Magic Email Link

Step1: Select Login using Magic Link option on the app

Step2: Enter the email on which you will receive a login link and click Request Link.

Step3: You will get an email with the link to Sign In. Click on it and it will open the Illumine App and will ask you to confirm the email address again. Enter the email and click submit. You will be logged in if you are registered. This email link is valid only for one time, for next time you have to request it again.


  1. If the account is already registered, you will see the Home screen with activities associated with your child.

  2. If the account is not created, kindly do not use the Signup option as it will create a new School. Instead ask your child’s centre head or admin team to help you.

  3. If your account is not registered, you will see an error message, “ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST”. Kindly ask your child’s centre head or admin team to help you.

  4. If you have multiple phone numbers, please login to the app using the number provided to the school.

  5. If you are not able to receive OTP or get blocked due to multiple frequent attempts, please contact us at

Navigation Tray Features - Lessons, Calendar, Connect, Profile

As parents, you need to communicate with your child’s school for different needs. On your app, you’ll see an intuitive categorization of these features on the navigation tray at the bottom of the app screen.

1. Lessons

Under Lessons, you’ll find the “Weekly (lesson) plan”, wherein the week’s learning outline is shared by the teacher. It also has categorization for pending lessons, completed lessons, and lessons where your child excelled (placed under ‘Star Awards’).

On clicking particular lessons, you can see more details describing the same as well as the learning ‘milestone’. If there is an associated assignment that has been given to your child, you can simply click on ‘Create Submission’ and share a picture /video/ document that is required as part of the assignment submission.

2. Calendar

Under this option, there are 2 subcategories of ‘Events’ and ‘Holidays’, where you can see the list of both upcoming and past events and holidays as declared by the school. Under ‘Events’, you can also ‘like’ and leave a ‘comment’.

3. Connect (IMPORTANT)

This menu has a host of important communication and other modules. Below are some details.

3.1 Message Teachers

This feature of the app lets you communicate with class teachers, Simply send out a message to initiate chat and all the class teachers will receive the message.

3.2 Notes

This is a very useful and frequently used feature. On the top right of the app screen is the option to create a ‘New Note’. Each Note can come under different categories (Food, Medicine, Pickup/Drop or Other), and also have a Repeat Frequency attached to it. You can also attach a document or photo/video for each note.

For example, let's say your child needs to be given medicines for particular days of the week, then you can simply create a note for ‘Medicine’, write a comment, and maybe attach a picture of the medicine or the prescription. Likewise, let's say you want to give particular instructions about diaper change or anything related to food, you can create appropriate notes on the same.

Once you create a note, you’ll see them classified under ‘Pending’ or ‘Completed’ based on the completion status from the school’s side.

3.3 Leaves

This feature is for applying for leaves for your child. Under this section, on the top-right click ‘Apply Leave’, and then select the leave type (Sick, Medical, Casual, Others), the specific date(s) and then describe the reason and click apply.

Once you submit a leave application, you’ll see them classified under ‘Pending’ or ‘Approved’ based on the approval status from the school’s side.

3.4 Concerns

This is a critical feature when it comes to raising any issues your child may be facing. Concerns can be sent to a teacher, the Principal or even the Center Head.

Under the concerns section, on the top right click ‘New Concern’, select whom you want to send it to (Teacher/Principal/Center Head) and describe the issue and submit. Concerns can be regarding, for example, missing stationery, or anything you observed with regards to your child's learning or health.

Once you submit a concern, you’ll see them classified under ‘Pending’ or ‘Approved’ based on the review status of your concern from the school’s side.

3.5 Forms & Applications

This section pertains to any particular form /application the school has asked you to fill. Once you enter this section, on the top right-hand corner, click ‘New Application’ and then select the particular application you wish to fill from the drop-down.

Once you fill and submit the application, you’ll see it listed on the ‘Forms & Application’ screen with the date of submission. There is also the option to search for submitted applications.

Some examples of these applications are - enrollment forms for activity classes like music, drama, swimming, etc. It could be participation forms for events, or document collection forms for health records.

Remember, you only get to view and fill the applications that the school has created for your child or the program he/she is enrolled for.

4. Profile

This is yet another very important section of the illumine parents app. It has links to setting up your child’s profile, updating your own contact information, fee payments, attendance, schedule, bus tracking, school handbook and a lot more. Below are some of the most important ones.

4.1 Parent & (authorized) Pickup Details

In this section, you can update your contact details (email, phone), as well as add details of the additional person(s) who will be an authorized pickup/drop for your child - it could be a nanny, grandparent, driver or anyone else. Please note, it is mandatory to upload the details of the person who is added as an authorized pickup.

4.2 Schedule (for activities and meals)

This section caters to the activity schedule of classes and the meal plan (if the school serves meals) that your child is enrolled for. It shows the time period-based plan of activities and meals for your reference.

4.3 Attendance

This is an important part of your child’s presence in school, since it also relates with the child’s learning schedule as well as the fee payments/invoices that will be generated.

This section shows the calendar view of your child's attendance at the school, as well as details like daily checkin and checkout time and leaves taken.

Please note - There are 3 ways to mark your child's daily attendance. First, you can scan the QR code at the school's drop off zone (click on the scan option on the top right hand corner of Illumine app's home screen). Second, you can enter the kiosk code at the drop off zone at the school. Third, a staff member at the school can also mark attendance for your child using their version of the illumine app (illumine teacher app).

4.4 Fee Payments

This section displays all the pending and paid payments against the invoices raised by your child's school.

By clicking any of the listed pending fee payments you get to see details regarding fee components, option to download the invoice, make fee payments, as well as leave any comments pertaining to the invoice.

Once a payment has been made, either through the Illumine app or offline (and the school has recorded the payment on Illumine), the particular payment shows under 'paid' section of the screen where you can then download the fee payment receipt.

4.5 CCTV Live Streaming

If your child's school has wifi connected (CCTV) cameras in their classrooms and school premises (and the school has chosen to provide this option to parents), then you can view your child while he/she is at school using the Illumine app.

Please note, you can only access the CCTV Live streaming if your child is marked present in the school, and the streaming access is limited to your child's particular classroom.

4.6 Child’s Documents

This section has a list of all documents pertaining to your child that you want to store on the Illumine app. These documents can then be submitted to the school whenever required.

You can rename files/documents after uploading, as well as create folders to organise the documents.

4.7 Support

This section contains 3 significant things - an option to update the app (if your app isn't updated to the latest version), the option to change app language, and the option to 'Raise Ticket'.

In the support ticket, you can describe your issue – it could be an app issue, app feature or request, or anything else.

Having Trouble? Get in touch with us.

Mail us at or use the chat option available at

Or, raise a support ticket from the app (from app home screen, click on 'Profile' from the navigation tray at the bottom, and scroll down the 'Support' option).

About Illumine

Illumine is an all-in-one childcare & preschool management software that partners with educators to streamline their centres’ operations. It is a highly flexible and scalable platform to cater to the diverse languages, curricula, and policies that govern child care institutes globally.

The Illumine app helps schools digitise their student admission-to-onboarding process, take care of everyday operations like attendance & fee collection, track the learning & development of each student, enhance teachers’ productivity and improve overall parent satisfaction.

It also helps teachers and parents collaborate better, and extend learning beyond the classroom.

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