In part #1, we covered account settings, permissions & roles, staff & students.

In part #2, we will cover the “Fee” module - that includes student billing, invoice, fee plan and expense management.

Once you have logged-in, here are 5 STEPS to explore and set up your school’s billing module (STEP-5 covers taxes, late fee addition, fee reminder email!!):

Step 1 - Fee Plan

From the left panel go to, FEE → FEE PLAN, and add your fee plans. Take care of the payment frequency and add relevant fee components.

You can also add ‘Fee Components’ separately, and then use the same while creating different ‘Fee Plans’ as per requirement.

Step 2 - Student Billing

From the left panel go to, FEE → STUDENT BILLING, where you can see the billing few for all students. Here, you can add ‘Add Credit’, ‘Add Deposit’ and also ‘Create Invoice’ from here.

Click on any of the student names to enter into their billing profile (see snap) - that mentions everything from their credit and deposit, to the invoices generated and more.

Step 3 - Invoice

From the left panel go to, FEE → INVOICE, and you now see a more finance-specific view of your school that shows all invoices raised with due dates, amounts, AND the ability to record payments, send reminders, and more!

Step 4 - Expense Management

From the left panel go to, FEE → EXPENSE MANAGEMENT, and you get the window to create and maintain registers related to expenses around your school - be it supplies & materials, electricity bills, and more.

Step 5 - Invoice Components & Email Settings

From the left panel go to, SETTINGS → BILLING → Late Fees / Tax components / Fee Reminder Email setup.

There are several control levers available for you to customize your invoices in this section.

You get the option to add the different tax components, modify the fee reminder email template, control ‘late fee type’, invoice prefix, currency code, etc.

That's it for Part #2 of 7.

Happy exploring!

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