In part #3, we covered the attendance module, parent & staff communication modules, calendar and newsletter.

In part #4, we will cover two important and most used modules - ‘Activities’ and ‘Learning’ (planning & assessment).

Let’s start.


From the left panel go to, ACTIVITIES → Today’s Activities / Student Level View

Today's Activities

The options available are intuitive to use, and fairly comprehensive. Each activity can be assigned at student level (single or multiple), or even classrooms, program or group.


You can also customize the list of activities that appear on this page. To edit, from the left panel, scroll down to SETTINGS → ACTIVITY, and from the screen select the first option of ‘Enable/Disable Activity)

Student Level View

Under the ‘Student Level View’, teachers get an overview of activities that each student was participating in, as well as an option to quickly update.

More importantly, right on the top of the Illumine web version, there is the ‘Post Activity’ CTA available for direct posting.


From the left panel go to, LEARNING → Lessons / Assignments / Submissions / Weekly Lesson Plan / Student Assessment / Milestones / Curriculum Documents


‘Lessons’ can be created under various categories, and for different classrooms. You can also do a bulk upload of lessons (simply click the 3 vertical dots ⋮ on the top right).

Weekly Lesson Plan

Next you can go to LEARNING → Weekly Lesson Plan, and select the week of the month and classroom from the filters on the top of the section screen. Then click on the ‘Add Lesson’ button against any particular date, and you can assign lessons from the appearing list.

Once done, the weekly lesson plan gets shared with the parents too, which shows on the right-side against each date. You have the choice of ‘Unshare’ any particular day’s lesson as well.

You also have the option to ‘Download Lesson Plan’ of the particular week and classroom using the option on the top-right of the section-screen.

Other sub-sections under the 'Learning' module can likewise be explored.

That's it for Part #4 of 7.

Happy exploring!

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