In part #4, we covered two important and most used modules - ‘Activities’ and ‘Learning’.

In part #5, we will cover two short modules today - Applications (Form Builder) and Reports.

Let’s start.

1. Applications (form builder)

From the left panel scroll down and go to, APPLICATIONS → click ‘New Application’ on the top-right of the window, and you arrive at the ‘form builder’.

Applications (/ Forms) have the following use cases:

  1. To get students/parents to signup for an activity

  2. To get digital signature on docs from parents

  3. To collect admission related docs (where parents can upload docs)

  4. To conduct surveys /get feedback from parents

Once a form is created, the ‘Applications’ window shows the list of applications with their status (either ‘draft’ or ‘live’).

2. Reports

This is a fairly straightforward module.

From the left panel scroll down and go to, REPORTS. And from the window, select whichever report you are interested in - it could be student or staff attendance related, or billing, or activity.

On clicking any report, select date range and input on other fields and click ‘Generate report’. Once generated, the report will be available for download on the right side of the window.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

That's it for Part #5 of 7.

Happy exploring!

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