In part #5, we covered two short modules - Applications (Form Builder) and Reports.

In part #6, we will cover an important module - lead management (leads, lead forms, emails).

Let’s start.

From the left panel go to, LEADS → Leads / Forms / Tasks / Email Template.

1. Subsection : Forms

Go to LEADS → FORMS, and you can create any form of your liking basis the admission cycle or the admission event. You can control the styling of the forms, as well as enable/disable them as per requirement.

Once a form is ‘LIVE’, it is available on the public link - which you can share with parents/ or send across over email or WhatsApp, etc. QR code for the live form also is available. (simply click on the 3 vertical dots next to the form to get the link or the QR code).

2. Subsection : Leads

Under the ‘leads’ section; from the top-right corner click ‘Add Lead’ and enter all available details.

On clicking any lead from the list view, you enter into the profile page of the particular lead/potential-student, where you can add new actions undertaken for this particular lead (from phone calls, to emails, to documents sent/rec’d and notes). These are available under the relevant headings of ‘Activity / Task / Note / Document / Email’ of the lead’s profile page.

3. Subsection : Tasks

Whatever ‘Task’ you create under each lead, then appears under the “Task sub-section’ (from the left panel go to, LEADS → TASKS).

These tasks can be filtered for a particular date range, and can be marked as pending/done.

4. Subsection : Email Template

You can create templates for different types of communications to your potential future customers (leads). While the template currently supports only plain text emails, we will soon be coming up with a rich email template builder.

To create a new email template, click on 'Add Template' on the top right of the section screen and proceed. All created templates appear as a list on the section's main screen.

You can name the template, add a subject line and create an email body for each template.

These Email Templates are then accessible while sending emails to each lead, under the Email tab of their profile. Should you choose, you can also write your own email instead of using the template.

That's it for Part #6 of 7.

Happy exploring!

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